Friday, March 25, 2011

How to download your free video from hotfile and filesonic

Hello friend! You know hotfile and filesonic is the best and large file hosting service. You can search and download video, software, book, music…etc, from it for free.
Today I would like to show you how to download video and other software from hotfile and filesonic for free. It is easy and takes a title time to do. But free user can download for limit speed and limit time. You can download 1 file per 30 Minute. If you want to remove this limit you should buy a premium account, so you can download with high speed download and no time limit with good support for your account.
Now I show you step by step about how to download video from hotfile and filesonic for free:

To search for video that you want to download go to
and type in what you want to search in the search box, and then click hotfile search button
You can see the complete image below:

Now you can save your file to your hard disk.

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