Saturday, November 6, 2010

How to get free software

Now I would like to show you how to get free software from some website.
Whether you use windows, linux, or mac, there are free "open source" alternatives to the expensive proprietary software you use (or want to use). Why don't most people know this? It is because open source software isn't marketed the way proprietary software is; it spreads by word of mouth and articles such as this, but it doesn't have a multi-million dollar advertising campaign pushing it to the masses.

Although it is possible to download pirated software using torrent search engines in conjunction with a torrent download manager, I would like to advocate a legal alternative: Open Source Software.

Here's a list of the website I like most. The following website Allow you to download for free and easy. (open source software)

Thursday, September 30, 2010

How to Uninstall and Remove Software in Safe Mode in Windows Operating System

 Remove Software in Safe Mode in Windows
Now I show you How to Uninstall and Remove Software in Safe Mode in Windows Operating System If you have installed software on your computer and for any reason it gives you issues, the best thing to do is to uninstall it.
(Learn how with this post...)

If you have installed software on your computer and for any reason it gives you issues, the best thing to do is to uninstall it. Period. But what happen if such a piece of software keeps restarting your Windows operating system or worst, disables certain services so that you won’t be able to performs some important operation anymore ? In this case Windows will help you with a special feature called Safe Mode. Basically, in Safe Mode you will be able to troubleshoot your

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Using Mass Payment Feature in PayPal To Save Your Money

Today I show you about Using Mass Payment Feature in PayPal To Save Your Money. Typical PayPal fees within the same country are 1.9-2.9% + USD$0.30. When you cross borders, international PayPal fees can creep up to 3.9% + USD$0.30. So, a payment for US$100 could wind up with a fee of US$4.20, which normally gets paid by the receiver. A much smaller fee is applied to Mass Payments. Any online freelancers getting paid a full-time wage this way will surely have noticed the significant impact of these fees on their final wage. But, they’re completely unnecessary – we just need to get the people making payments to update their ways.

By the way, don’t get too cranky with PayPal for these fees. Ever seen the fees banks charge to make international transfers? PayPal are really just passing on bank fees and other processing fees to do with single payments. You’re no doubt saving PayPal money too by suggesting your boss make Mass Payments.

So, let’s talk it through step-by-step so you can simply hand your boss this article and they’ll know exactly what they need to do. While you’re there, mention that by using Mass Payment their accounting records will be much easier to navigate.

Firstly, the sender will need to have a verified PayPal Premier or Business account. It’s easy to upgrade an existing account to Premier or Business, but it does require verifying the email address and bank account used with the sender’s PayPal account.

Secondly, the sender will need to ensure they have sufficient funds in their PayPal account. Credit cards can’t be used for Mass Payments.

Mass Payments can be made to any email address – if a recipient doesn’t have a PayPal account using that exact email address, the address can be easily added to an existing PayPal account. So, all the sender needs is to know the email address and how much they want to send. Senders should also note that all payments in a Mass Payment need to be made in the same currency as each other.

The sender needs to create a tab delimited file containing the email addresses, currency and amounts to be paid. From Excel, this is something you can create easily by saving as “Text (Tab Delimited)”. Put email addresses in the first column, payment amounts in the second column and the currency code in the third column (see PayPal for the codes). An optional fourth column lets you put in some sort of identifier for each person for your own accounting records. Another optional fifth column allows you to send a personal message to that recipient.

To access Mass Payment, click the “Mass Payment” link at the bottom of the page when you’re logged in to PayPal.

This takes you to an overview of Mass Payment, including guides, fees, codes and examples. Click on “Make a Mass Payment” to get started.

The Mass Payment file upload is straightforward and easy to use. It’s simple to add a generic subject and body to the email sent with all payments. Note that it’s also possible to use the PayPal API to send Mass Payments, so if you’re a larger company (or you just prefer automation) there’s that option available to you as well.

Mass Payments are processed instantly and available for recipients to use or withdraw immediately.

A word of caution: Ensure your recipient is trustworthy and has fulfilled their service or delivered their goods because PayPal Mass Payments can’t be cancelled.

If the recipient has a personal PayPal account in the same country as the sender (and the sender is not using a credit or debit card to make the payment), sending payments to them is free the regular way. If the recipient has a Premier orBusiness account , or they are in a different country to the sender, the fees are lower with a Mass Payment. With regular payments, the sender can choose whether to pay the fees or let the recipient pay them, however with Mass Payment the sender must pay the PayPal fees. So, discuss with the recipients which method is best before you send a Mass Payment.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How to download video from YouTube by using forefox add-ons

Download video from YouTube by using forefox add-ons is quite easy. Today I show you how to download video form YouTube step by step and you can see the complete picture that I made for you. You will enjoy when reading and seeing the easy step by step below:
Please follow these step:
1. Open firefox
2. Click Tool >> Add-ons
3. Click Get Add-ons
4. Type youtube download in the Search-box   >> hit Enter (see the picture below)
5. You will see Add-ons that you search, in the right side click Add to firefox
6. You will see the software installation window then click Install Now
7. When the process complete Click restart firefox on the right side

Now test your download:

- Click on any video that you want to download
- Then you will see download button at the top of your video
- Click download >> point to any type of file that you want to download and click it
- The save dialog box will appear then type the name of your file and click Save button

 Please see the complete picture below you will do it easy!

Download video from YouTube by using forefox add-ons

Download video from YouTube by using forefox add-ons

Download video from YouTube by using forefox add-ons

Download video from YouTube by using forefox add-ons

Download video from YouTube by using forefox add-ons

Download video from YouTube by using forefox add-ons

Download video from YouTube by using forefox add-ons

Monday, September 27, 2010

How to activate or register an account on facebook

This is my How to activate or register an account on facebook

How to activate or register an

Go to the Facebook Homepage , Then, enter your full name, your email address and password.

Your password must include both letters and numbers. Select your sex and your birthday.
After you have entered this data, click on the Signup button. Go to your email that you used to join Facebook. Open the Registration Confirmation email from Facebook. Click on the verification link. Now you can access Facebook and find your friends online.

Enter Profile Information

If you have just joined Facebook, the Info tab is displayed after you added friends. If you logged out of Facebook before setting up a profile, then click on View and Edit Profile the next time you log on to Facebook.

  1. Enter your basic information.
  2. If you only want to show the month and day of your birthday] and not the year, select Show only month and year in my profile from the box underneath the birthday field.
  3. To enter Personal, Contact and Education information, click on the appropriate section and enter the information.
  4. If you do not specific information displayed on your profile, leave the field blank.
  5. When you have completed a section, click on the Save Changes button before moving to another section.
  6. To upload a profile picture, click Upload Profile Picture and browse to the picture you would like to display.
  7. To write a brief bio that will be shown on your profile page, Write Something about yourself and type in your information.
  8. When you have completed your profile, click on the Done Editing button and the information is saved.

Watch video on YouTube

How to activate or register an account on facebook

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Static IP Address Configuration Using Command Line

1. Click "Start" then Click "Run" then type "cmd" and hit Enter.
2. (Please ignore this step if you already logged on as administrator or alike)within the cmd window type "Runas /User:Administrator cmd" where Adminitrator is a user with an administrative privileges(under the administrators group) then it will prompt you for a password. type it and hit Enter.
command line3. Now you will see a new cmd window with the prompt C:\WINDOWS\system32> , then you are having cmd with administrative privileges.
4. Type "Netsh Interface IP Set Address "local area connection" static 1" this will change your Ip address to with subnet mask and default gateway, please note that if you rename the local area connection to something else you need to place it instead of "local area connection" also if you want to change ip of your Wireless connection you would change it to "Wireless Network Connection" unless you renamed it.(you need to type local area connection with quotation mark “ “)
5. Type "Netsh Interface IP Set Dns "local area connection" static" this will change your primary dns ip address to
6. if you want to go in the opposite direction changing from static to dynamic (DHCP) the you need to type" Netsh Interface IP Set Address "local area connection" DHCP" and wait for some seconds to pass until it says OK and type "Netsh Interface IP Set Dns "local area connection" DHCP" for DNS.

To be frank I couldn't figure out how to put multiple DND entries in the static configuration like primary dns and secondary one, if anybody know please comment it.....

Saturday, January 30, 2010

View Hidden files With Google

You can view documents that are suppose to be kept quiet, and the public are not suppose to read, all you got to do is………

1. Go to Google

2. Type this into the search bar "not for public release"

3. Exactly the way it is, along with your search quotes!

Enjoy; Guys thank me if you like my post.